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Originally Posted by carmendiva View Post
I have a friend trying to sell two different phones.

A nexus one

and A G2

What is a good price to sell either phone?

I was going to say maybe 220 for the nexus

and 250 for G2?

He is using craigslist if that matters
Of course it depends on the area he is in (I find that poorer areas usually price their craigslist phones higher while richer areas have alot of rich kids that don't care about losing a couple dollars so they will price it lower).

But personally I would price the Nexus One at least at $300 based on my views of craigslist over the last month (I check it daily) and might even go $350 depending on if it is scratch free / has original box and accessories.

About 2 weeks ago I sold mine for $380 to try out another phone but it didn't work out so I just bought a Nexus One yesterday off Craigslist for $280 scratch free (negotiated him down from $300).

As for the G2 I'm not sure I dont keep track of that particular phone on Craigslist so I don't wanna give you misinformation on that one

Hope this helps
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