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Yes this happens, when you put your hand on the wifi antenna located on the top right hand area on the back,(which naturally happens when you hold the phone in landscape mode).I have tested this, when in landscape mode and holding the phone with both hands(.i.e naturally) the signal drops from -41 dbm to -53dbm thats a huge loss of 12 dbm but since i am sitting just next to my router, even that huge a loss is not enough to cause a signal drop (it still shows full bars), but when i move further away from the router say to the next room (30-40 feet through two walls) the loss in the signal is enough to drop me down to just one bar from a full four, but as stuntman put it i can still browse the internet fine only the phone gets a little hot, seems HTC put the antenna in a very weird location knowing that our hands would cover it when using the keyboard, well cant be helped anyways. This can also occur when using the phone normally in portrait mode(but its not as bad as landscape mode), you just have remember holding the phone from the lower half and not the top where the wifi antenna is located.

I have to say the wifi reception on this phone is excellent only the location of the antenna is suspect not the quality.

Its Desire z's own little antennagate
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