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Some say the phone is smarter... But wait... Why is lagging so much if so smart? You don't need to read this really, I'm just venting.

Today I went to Verizon and I was running ATK free for 6+ months. Lately, my phone started to lag badly, take 10 seconds before the icons show up after a call, power button refused to work after a few tap, can't dial from the contact list, camera freeze and force quit, etc...

So anyway, the verizon dude installs ATK and killed 17 apps the first time.

Now, people think it is going to hurt. But its funny to see all these apps showing up in the list that you aren't running. I use e-mail, gmail and the dial. But then in the list, Pandora, Amazon MP3, Youtube, Gallery, Gesture Search, Voice Search, verizon mobile, etc... All these show up without firing them.

Then I get a bunch of Low Memory in the logs showing up.

Now if the phone would be smart, or the apps. They would shut themselves up after they are done doing whatever they are doing.

Who do you blame? The phone? The OS? The Apps? The SD card?

I just want a phone that works. I want to dial when I want to, take pictures when I need to and check my e-mails (Also get proper notifications and shut down the vibrate/sound at night!).

Seems so hard to me to get a "working" phone these days.

Am I happy with my Droid phone? It does work 98% of the time, but there is still this 2% of the time which I'd like to throw it out the window. Maybe I couldn't do much with my Blackberry curve, but I never missed phone calls or had problem with notifications.

At least if the apps could let me "close" them instead of having to kill them.

Anyway, for the next few days, I'll kill the apps and uninstall a few since I barely use them anyway.
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