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The apps that you referred to (amazon, blockbuster, etc) are system apps. When they are in memory, but not using CPU, THEY USE NO EXTRA BATTERY, NOR DO THEY MAKE YOUR PHONE SLOWER. When you kill them, they re-start almost immediately. THIS uses processor time, which uses battery. When ATK keeps killing them and the system keeps restarting them, you are using infinitely more processor cycles and battery than you are just letting them run. You can always root your phone, then freeze or rename those apps so that they don't run. That's the recommended route. If ATK is helping with lag issues, or battery issues, it's because you've got an app that's doing something wrong. ATK is just fixing the symptoms. You need to find the cause. If your phone is working correctly, you do NOT need ATK. Also, you could try an app called autokiller. Instead of indiscriminately killing system apps, it lets you set the minimum free RAM you want. Instead of running all the time (using battery), it runs once at startup and writes a new value to the android system. Then the OS starts killing off apps more aggressively, but it uses the same processes it always does. This keeps it from killing important things that a user or ATK might mistakenly close. It's the most efficient method of keeping your memory free.
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