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Originally Posted by BtBommer View Post
I had this problem happen last night. I was using the internet when all of the sudden I had a force close storm. Literally every application I had running started to force close and wouldn't stop. I powered down the phone, and then got stuck in a reboot cycle. Mine was between the HTC quietly brilliant screen and Verizon Wireless black screen. After reading all of the tips here, I did a manual clear of my data, and it fixed it.

This resulted from a low space dilemma, as I have been posting about in that topic on this sub-forum...had been having that issue for about 2 weeks, and after talking with HTC and Verizon, I could not rectify the problem. So I guess this was like a crash on a computer? Not really sure, but the phone seems to be working fine after reset...anyone else ever remedy any of these problems without a reboot?
i had the EXACT same problem. i mean it's almost word for word what happened to me. that's so crazy! anyway, i was wondering if you could explain what you did step by step cuz i'm completely clueless as to how to clear cache/data if the phone won't boot up.... also i was wondering if you do the hard reset or reboot will that wipe all your data or will that keep everything?? is that different than a factory reset??? sorry. i'm totally clueless so please please help. this is the 3rd phone this has happened to and it's been 3days with no phone. i can't speak so texting is my only form of communication so i really need to fix this and i'd rather not loose everything and start over again cuz i've done that 3times and it takes too long :/
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