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Originally Posted by deadeyeken View Post
All what you listen to I would imagine. No idea of the quality of my mp3's but im sure its not great. Did you Max out your volume on many different mp3's yet? Only curious if I got bad speakers or something. Never heard my ipad distort ever. On the other hand my ipad has often been too quiet which is a big pain. Apple limits everything else, why not my volume. Let go steve!!! Its mine!!!
No I haven't maxed out any MP3's etc.., I don't think that would be good for the speakers given the quality of most MP3s. Distortion in the source material is never good for a speaker, especially speakers on mobile devices. Honestly, I'm a bit of an audiophile and the idea of listening to music with the outboard speakers is not something I would do. I do on occasion use headphones but only occasionally.

I've been using the external speakers for turn by turn navigation, which is LOUD, but clear for me. I also use them for videos, such as with the CNN tablet app, and using Skyfire at sites like FOX News. All my ringtones are loud and clear as well. Angry Birds sounds fantastic. I like the sound when you pull the rubber band back. I'm used to this sound on my Nexus and on the Xoom it sounds much fuller and realistic. At the end of the day I'm used to the speaker on my Nexus One and compared to that, the Xoom speakers might as well be a pair of Revels.
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