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if you guys are pumping tunes with lots of low freq then you will cause the sound to distort and the drivers are not designed for low freqs. the distortion you are hearing is the tiny driver trying to reproduce those lows and the harmonics are affected bu this because the driver is being pushed past its limits. you have no choice but to keep the volume low for tunes with lots of compression--which is what pop music is..

and design flaw? i beg to differ.. if they had put the speakers on the side the unit would be bigger then people would complain its too big compared to the almighty flypad.

and as for putting them on the bottom, have you looked at the thread showing the dissected xoom? lots of electronics down there. the design of the xoom is pretty good compared to what all is there. efficient use of the space...

but i know... i know.... YMMV...
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