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Originally Posted by gamul1 View Post
I for one am very excited about Android tablets. These things will do everything I want out of the box (eventually) and much more than the iPad will do.

So the iPad market has 50,000+ apps. Who gives a rats ass. I'm not going to download 50,000 apps and 49,950 I'll never want because its crap wasting space on my tablet.

What I want in a tablet for apps (apps remember, not everything I want) - the Xoom and other tablets come with out of the box. email, web, mapping, reading books, facebook, youtube, etc. The rest of my main apps are news apps, sports apps, shopping apps, weather, etc. These are all main stream major apps that will be updated for tablets before those folks complaining learn to tie their shoes.

I'm not buying a tablet as a gaming device - so I don't need 50,000 apps to choose from.

What apps do you want that you think will NOT be updated for android tablets very shortly? Right - all of them will be and soon. So lets focus on the rest of the things that are different between tablets like the Xoom and the iPad. And its clear to see android tabelts are far superior.
"Superior" in this case is subjective. Gamers would be better served with an iPad and folks wanting broad connectivity options and Flash would be better served with an Android tablet. The is a HUGE and subjective middle between those.

As posted before, I solved my dilemma by getting BOTH. A $350 Gtablet that actually has better USB connectivity and a $364 iPod 64gb. Best of both worlds for me and $100 cheaper than the Xoom (in its current configuration).

Apple app ecosystem rocks and so does the functionality of my Gtablet, so nice combo for me added: Both tether great with the Incredible, so covered for 3G's function.
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