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"Despite this decision, marketing departments for wireless carriers, especially here in the U.S., continued to use this networking term in ways not allowed by the International Telecommunications Union."

From here: ITU redefines 4G to include LTE, WiMAX and HSPA+

Great, so now were not only ******ed in the US, but were not even trying to follow wordly standards.

Not to mention what a guy said in response to all this on the same site:


"i completely disagree. im not sure if there was a misunderstanding between what you meant and what im thinking you wrote, but if you were implying that the ITU expanded the term '4G' to include advamced 3G technology just because it was false advertisement to claim we had something that hadnt been defined (therefore didnt exist) and to get phone companies more money then i am appalled. if the ITU really did change this to make phone companies happy, then im disappointed at them. if youre implying this, im disappointed at you.

ANYWAYS, since we have not yet agreed on what we will define as the next generation of cellular technology, i think that anyone claiming to have 4G technology is basically lying. no matter what technicalities may be present, we have reached a bit of a ceiling, and we need to have a break through in order to celebrate it. 1G was calling, 2G was texting, 3G was multimedia messaging, 4G has to be something a littler more than a little faster, or a little bit more support.

its just my opinion that since we needed to invent new technology to fit a new name, that we shouldnt just shine up some old crap and call it the next generation. its like apple adding 3 or 4 'new' feature that they 'invent' and calling it the next generation of iphone. no offence to any apple fan boys or 4G-like lovers."

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