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Originally Posted by Roze View Post
the iPhone 5 needs to be running Android for me to get it...Even though I didn't root the Nexus One or anything, I like having options available and knowing I had that freedom to do whatever I wanted with MY phone. Unless iOS becomes open source, I'm not interested.
Sorry to sound like im ragging but what freedom are you speaking of? You buy the best android phone ever built and never rooted it? How are you experiencing what the N1'S true capabilities are if you never jumped inside to see what its truly capable of?
I understand what you say in that knowing you can makes a difference for you but to never do so just kind of makes it just like any other phone, its just a stock machine that your waiting for your carrier to supply a OS for. The true beauty of what the N1 presented was a complete wide open look into what you can control firsthand with a device....but you never have. You say iphone isnt open source as a reason for not getting it? OK. Fair. It can be jailbroken though. No its not the same but its still a method of gaining more than whats initially offered. But again if the user never does than its just a stock phone.
To this day i never understood why anyone would buy a N1 and do nothing to it. Your denying technology its chance to expand. Again, not a intent to rag, just a question of why.
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