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Originally Posted by TaxDoktor View Post
I have been stuck with an iPhone for this very reason. I have not been able to find anything that competes with the iPhone Expense tracking I have been using. If you want a good application to use as a reference, please use iXpenseit for the iPhone. They don't seem to be interested in moving to the Android Platform. I want to be able to import the 2 years+ of data I have into a new application using the CSV format iXpenseit uses.
If you do create an application that is as good or better than iXpenseit, please let me know.
Hi TaxDoctor. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Thanks also for the info on iXpensit too as this will give me some good ideas for my Android app. It's probably a lot more than I was considering but I like the idea. One of the other things I like to track is cash advances from a credit card. This was always a nightmare before.

I'll keep this forum place linked and get back to you later on when I am a lot further on with the coding. I would appreciate a small sample file from you then for the app so that I can offer you the ability to import your data.

I wasn't going to bother with the option to photograph receipts but if this is something you use and I can see the benefits if you lose one by mistake, then I will include this in the programme.

I am enjoying the challenge of learning Android programming but moving from C to Java is a little daunting right now but I am making good progress and the core look of the software is coming along. I'll post some images later and a link to the website as it gets closer to release. I'll be looking for a few beta testers at a later time too so I will give you a call then.

Cheers for the feedback.
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