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Originally Posted by jj2me View Post
I''ve tried everything with my large, but not humongous hands, and have completely failed on all these new Android keyboards. I've had to resort to my PDA standbys, Graffiti and MessagEase (I find it hard to recommend them unless you already know them, because of their learning curve). I also like using Swype, but only for common words.

Do people use their thumbs, striking with the pad? My thumb's pads seem to be misaligned with where they appear to be from looking at the other side of them when typing. Or forefingers? Or strike with the nail? Do you always go landscape? It astounds me that I see so few people complaining, when I cannot type anything of length without more corrections than successful letters.

What are your virtual keyboard secrets?
The reality is that there are some people that can't type well on a virtual keyboard...especially if you have larger hands. If I had to do much manual text input I wouldn't have an Optimus. Fortunately I can do most of mine via voice recognition, but if I buy a higher-end Android phone down the road, it will have a physical keyboard again. I started with the Intercept but it was a dog performance-wise.

The one other thing to remember is that you have a much larger virtual keyboard to type on when the phone is in landscape mode.

It's too bad the Motorola Atrix is the only Android phone with a laptop dock. I do see there are mini bluetooth keyboards that are supposed to be Android compatible, but I've never heard of anyone actually using one, yet.
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