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Originally Posted by TVCCS View Post
The reality is that there are some people that can't type well on a virtual keyboard...especially if you have larger hands. If I had to do much manual text input I wouldn't have an Optimus Fortunately I can do most of mine via voice recognition, but if I buy a higher-end Android phone down the road, it will have a physical keyboard again. I started with the Intercept but it was a dog performance-wise.

The one other thing to remember is that you have a much larger virtual keyboard to type on when the phone is in landscape mode.

It's too bad the Motorola Atrix is the only Android phone with a laptop dock. I do see there are mini bluetooth keyboards that are supposed to be Android compatible, but I've never heard of anyone actually using one, yet.
I have a mini bluetooth keyboard for the PS3...I wonder if it would pair up with the optimus? got me thinking now! LOL
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