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Originally Posted by Nashdroid View Post
That's what I'm hoping too. If the Bravo/Incredible or whatever it may be called, hits before the Nexus comes to Verizon, it will make the Nexus just another great phone when it comes to Verizon. Regardless, it looks like I'm holding out for the Incredible. I hear it's going to be...wait for it...INCREDIBLE! Looks like my LG Dare is going to be in action for a few more months.

I agree. Although I'm tired of waiting and ready to upgrade from my LG Dare to Android, hopefully the wait till Spring for the Nexus One will be fruitful. Hoping the HTC Incredible, the Motorola Shadow, and the Motorola Google Phone are released before then, so we will have a choice of Snapdragon phones on Verizon. Also the N1 being locked to Verizon should guarantee subsidization and insurance (if you choose).

In addition, we will be reading about problems, tricks, battery tweaks, etc. over the next couple on months and let those GSM fanboys do the test piloting for us!
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