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I'm a total newbie just coming from the BB Tour. I'm still in the learning curve mode having the Evo for just 8 days. There isn't a lot I miss about the Blackberry. I miss the battery life for sure, but I think once I learn more about the phone I can figure out how to customize it to better conserve battery life. Or I can just buy an extended life battery. What I'm doing at the moment is using a spare battery charger, so I have an extra (2)batteries always charged and ready to go. I also have chargers in the car and at work. I just have to get in the habit of charging more regularly.

I've had my share of weirdness in switching over, but I think these things are more flukes that actual Evo issues:

My Evo deletes all my mail at midnight for no apparent reason and that bugs me. Sprint doesn't know why and HTC has been all kinds of useless in figuring it out. They "Escalated" the issue last week and I'm assured that the advanced tech people are investigating and I'll hear from them when they have it figured out. I'm not holding my breath. While they're figuring it out, I dropped a shortcut to my webmail on the screen.

My phone also managed to duplicate every single solitary appointment on my google calendar. That was a pain, but it was also easily solved by doing a factory reset, which doesn't bother me since my contacts are instant thanks to google and there is really nothing else to do save for download some apps I also like google calendar...I really wish the phone itself had the ability to let you type in repetitions (e.g. every other week) rather than their standard weekly, monthly routine. You can define the number of week repetitions on the PC and let it sync, I just think it would be nice if you could do it on the device.

The other thing that I'm still getting used to is Swype. I love using it, but I also am at the stage where I sound like a bona fide idiot half the time because it is typing words that I didn't exactly type. Like "would love to see you" came out "roils to freer you." eeesh. I just have to be super careful and learn to check each word rather than bang them out like I used to on the BB.

I need to get a sturdier case. I do like my steinheil screen protector. In a week I haven't had to wipe the screen once. It totally keeps fingerprints off the screen (it does dull the screen a little though as it's anti reflective, too)

As for the BB... I don't miss it. The screen is too darn small, my thumbs bug me after texting/writing emails, the trackball is a colossal pain when it sticks, the phone is slooooooooooooooooooooow.

Okay, gotta get back to my evo to play, I mean learn more!
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