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Originally Posted by duckydotcom View Post
I am having the same problem - for a very similar reason, in fact! However, the suggestions by mhotovec and mxsjw do not work. The phone resyncs anyway, despite being told (numerous times) not to. Plus, when I uncheck the calendar associated with my email, it tells me I have to have at least one calendar synced to google. I contacted Motorola Support and they were useless. I'm trying to figure out Booklover's solution. I do not seem to have a "private calendar" or "unsyncable" calendar on my phone? The only calendars I am able to find are the one linked to my email, which presumably is the one uploading to Google all the time, and the US Holidays one. Is there another calendar somewhere I'm not aware of? Or did I somehow delete it by accident? Any help would be so greatly appreciated. I'm using a downloaded offline calendar app, which is getting me by, but not really doing everything that the Droid Calendar could do. I would really like to be able to use to valuable feature of the phone, without publishing private information all over Google. Thanks in advance!!!
I was so frustrated by finding this out once I came over to a Dell Streak myself.. Been using HTC HD2 with Outlook and Win Mobile.. was a bliss but the 5" android Dell got me
I joined up here just to be able to contribute and offer my help on this Google crap.

Anyway I have a solution for you but it involves Rooting the phone and using Titanium Backup Root.. I did this on my Dell Streak Froyo 2.2

Root the Phone and get Titanium Backup Root on your device and Open it. Then do the following.
1) Go to Backup Restore Option and find the following entries
Calendar 2.2
[CALENDAR] Calendar Storage 2.2
Calendar Sync Adapter 2.2.1
2) Tap on the last entry "Calendar Sync Adapter 2.2.1" and when the options come up simply select "Backup" (just in case) and then select the "Freeze!" option.
DONE! No more sync of calendar to Google Cloud..

What does Google think.. Nobody cares about privacy anymore.. This is why Blackberry is still around!!
This method also can be applied to stop and prevent further syncing of contacts to the cloud too

Hope this was helpful!!
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