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Originally Posted by MariusLV View Post
First off: I'm sorry to come to the forum with this most foolish of self-inflicted problems. I realize that I have no reason to expect help here, having never contributed to the forum before. I should also warn you that my problem, should you still choose to read it, is quite technical. I elaborate below :-)

Now, I know one shouldn't upgrade the phone with the lag fix installed, but like a fool I completely forgot all the warnings when I recently upgraded my phone. While at first my phone refused to boot to home screen, doing a "wipe data/factory reset" from the recovery menu restored most functionality. The update seems to have sort of worked, because when I connect to KIES it tells me I now have the latest version (ECLAIR.XVJM2).

Anyway, what I'm wondering about is this: Having first upgraded my phone's firmware (to ECLAIR.XWJM2) and then having reset the phone to factory settings, does the EXT2 partition installed by OCLF still exist? I reinstalled the OCLF app, and when I try the "Undo OneClickLagFix" from the menu, it tells me that "You do not appear to have a lagfix installed. (/system/bin/playlogos1 greater than 5KB". However, I worry if I can trust this to be true since I never properly uninstalled the lagfix, and since I reinstalled OCLF only after the update and factory reset.

I checked the size of the phones internal SD card via the phone's settings menu, and it tells me that the total space is 5.78GB. Given that the phone supposedly shipped with 8GB space, and given that 2GB is supposedly set as read-only phone memory, that leaves 0.22GB unaccounted for. Is it possible that this is the EXT2-partition, or is there another explanation for this? It would of course be helpful if I remembered what size I set for the partition when I first used OCLF, but, alas, I don't. Also, to the extent that it's relevant, I have in excess of 1.8GB of unused "internal phone storage".

I hope that somebody might help me determine for sure whether or not the EXT2 partition is still there, so that I know I shouldn't expect problems when I eventually upgrade to Froyo. If the EXT2-partition is still there, since the OCLF app doesn't seem to detect it, how may I remove it?
I had the same problem. Did a "wipe data/factory reset" from the recovery menu, reinnstalled OCLF and everything runs smooth So it seems that a "wipe data/factory reset" wipes all, incl the EXT2 partiotion.
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