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i have it, but rarely use

I came from the darkside as well..... BB Tour on Alltel, i had it for a little over a year and had my ups and downs with it, but overall a good device. Even living in Sioux Falls, SD which used to be a cell service black hole!! But i digress
with regard to the tour...
-ease of operation
-excellent email delivery system
-physical keyboard nearly faultless
-never had an issue with the trackball
-decent resolution on screen
-okay camera res (3.2Mp)

-lack of apps
-lack of flash
-reboot time is approximately 2.76485683 years
-ease of operation makes the ability to do specific things impossible (just like apple os'd devices)
-waaaaaay slower 2g/3g than the EVO
-$30 more expensive (even with the premium data chrg)
-blackberry email servers went down from time to time

ok, now on that last one, when i called Alltel to inq as to why i wasnt recieving emails nor could access the internet (which happened somewhat frequently) was blamed on blackberry servers being down. With that being said, the push method RIM employs for email delivery seems to be forced over the network to their devices from their server as opposed to the device having to go check for email at specified intervals. Blackberrys method, being reliant on a server, takes less of a toll on the devices battery. But thats literally the only thing that Ive found that BB does better than the mighty EVO!!!

The only con with the EVO when comparing it to the BB, is the battery, which Im experimenting with some custom roms that should help alleviate that issue. And I guess that if google could devise a better push method for email that doesnt rely on the device proactively checking the imap or pop3 clients, that would be soopah cool. Perhaps make it more like how texts are rec'd... like BB does lol
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