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Default Glad to be back to Android and Evo

I got the Evo when it first came out last year and I liked it alot, but after a few months I bought into the Apple hype (yea I know) and ditched it for a iphone 4. Now I did love my iphone I cant lie, iOS is very smooth, fluid and the itunes sync is unmatched. So why am I back to the Evo u ask, a few reasons but 2 main issues. iphone notification system is horrid, yes i knew abt it before hand and thought I could live with it but I couldnt take it anymore. Very intrusive and little privacy. I did jailbreak and got a pop-up blocker which helped somewhat but I thought to myself. I spend half my time looking for jailbreak apps to give me features that come standard on Android phones. 2nd, AT&T sucks balls in NYC. During my 30 trial i had the dropped call here and there, again I thought it was something i could live with, but its gotten much worse over the past month and i dont get any data coverage around my job, I have to switch to EDGE. Sprint has 4G, why the hell am I using EDGE?? So 2 days ago I got my Evo and the iphone is going on Ebay tomorrow.

After playing with the Evo i forgot how many features it has that the iphone doesnt. I see a few things has changed since I been away from the Evo, updates, new apps etc but these forums have helped me a great deal the past few days. Best part I was able to find most of my apps that i used on the iphone on the android market or something similar. I even talked 2 of my friends into getting Droids, they are with Tmobile so they both got the G2 and are very happy, except for battery life of course. I see that hasnt changed much. lol Good to be back
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