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Default Mine going back home Saturday

upon my return home. 16 apps for the tablet? I have been using it for over a week now and took it on the road with me. Basically, it does email and calendaring bigger than my droid phone, most of the apps I would like to use either don't even launch or render in a tiny little box - the size of my droid. As the other individual mentioned earlier, the key features separating this from an iPad - flash support and SD - have no timetable for delivery. No idea when decent apps will be available. No movie service of which I am aware. Would hate to sit on this thing past the 14 days to learn that there are issues in releasing flash support or the have unfortunately determined SD support is not possible or requires a vacation at Motorola. True, the iPad does not have flash or SD support, but they have apps you can actually use to get work done and be entertained. I keep flipping home screen to home screen and to the app store and nothing is there. I have all the same stuff on my droid phone already. I will get an iPad 2, because it is functional and I need functional. This rush to market, instead of leapfrogging iPad, has fallen flat on its face, in my opinion.
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