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Originally Posted by celeste9000 View Post
I've been using BBs for the last 5 years. I switched because I was tired of the same OS and and I wanted more customization and a larger screen. BB's are really good communication devices. I loved how I could customize my notifications and the push email was excellent! The phones were easy to use and the keyboards were good. I switched because I wanted a better internet experience on a large screen. The Evo gives me that and more. Communication services are not as good as BB's but I can live with that because the phone offers so much more. The specs on the Evo are a big upgrade from any BB out there IMO. I have had the Evo since Friday and I am loving the phone. I wish it could have the communication capabilities of the BB but nothing is perfect.
Originally Posted by Ivansandroid View Post
Not sure what you're referring. I too switched from BB and if anything I think the communication capabilities are better (TIKL, GMAIL, all of the IM's, skype, Google Voice, Fring, the list of free communication apps are a mile long.
I agree with celeste9000 in regard to ring tones. I moved my personal ring tones to my EVO and I can assign them to a contact but they only work for a an incoming phone call.

On my BB I could assign a personal ring tone to a contact and that ring tone would play when the person sent me a email, text or called. This is my one negative about the phone.

My email accounts are now in sync and if I read it online at work, at my mac at home or on the EVO itself, everything syncs.

When I had a black berry if I read an email on my Mac, it would be unread on my blackberry. It was painful. Also, I love that my contacts and tasks list (using the Gtasks app) sync effortless in the cloud.
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