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Originally Posted by idesofmarch View Post
Gizmodo just posted up their review... Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide
That was a somewhat fair review. I feel like they really wanted to like the tablet too much though and were too lenient on it for the drawbacks. I do agree that it's pretty cool but don't think it's as stylish as they seem to.

Oh, and thanks Gizmodo for reminding me of the UI blunder about the way you access the app drawer. Couldn't you let me get annoyed by it after repeatedly being stifled in that way only to nerd rage about it on here someday instead of thinking about it everytime I bring up the app drawer now.

I need root. Fast. (Would I be a bad person for rooting it and then taking it back when my trial period was up? Nevermind, I'll make a poll.)
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