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Wow, this is really neat! I wasn't expecting it to play games so well, but it does. Playing on Samsung Fascinate. For a 1.0 release, it's really great!

Super Mario 64 runs twice as fast as it should (along with the music). I'd say this was an issue, but the fact that the emulator is TOO fast should be a testament to how well optimized it is. Already fixed in 1.1 apparently (no time to try it out right now).

Banjo Kazooie was a little slow, but setting it to frameskip 1 makes the music and game run at fullspeed, it just goes a little bit choppier than usual (which is fine, the game runs flawlessly). Only glitches i've seen so far are the start menu showing some garbage and the jigsaw level transitions not working correctly (both glitches are present in some N64 emulators for PC, something to do with framebuffer or something).

As i said, there's a 1.1 version which apparently fixed the sound pitch and implemented a frame limiter according to the changelog. Can't test it out now as i'm under time constraints, but will try later. This emulator is looking amazing!
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