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Here is my mini review.

I got my unit today and I played with it a couple of hours.

1- The size/weight. The tablet is surprisingly small for 10.1 inches. This has something to do with the 16:10 form factor. I like it and portrait mode isn't as bad as I thought. The tablet feels thin to hold but it definitely gets thicker in the middle.
There is no way around this. Its kind of heavy. Let me put this into perspective-its not laptop heavy, its even lighter than a big hard cover book. However, for extended periods of time, you will wish it was the ipad 2 at 1.3 lbs.

2- The Screen- The screen is absolutely fine. its a little less vibrant than my ipad but its really just fine and if you didn't have them side by side you would be very happy. Having said that, the software has serious issues. Pictures on facebook look completely blurry to me. This isn't the screen, something about the way the xoom process pictures. Its annoying and totally unacceptable in an 800 dollar tablet. The good news is this will likely get fixed in an update soon

3-Video Chatting- OK so the xoom is the easiest most compatible device to video chat. It has great camera in the front and in the back. However, the video chat looks bad. It looks blurry compared to normal laptop google video calls and blurry compared to ipod touch facetime. I don't think this is a hardware limitation, it needs to be optimized.

4-UI Speed. THe UI is fast. Its the fastest I've ever seen android. It borders apple ios fast. However, there are several places where you can see a 1/10 of a second of hesitation. I can't explain it other than to say that when I do something on an ipad it feels organic where as if I do the same gesture (swipe, pinch etc) on the xoom, it feels like software responding to a command.

5- Google integration + overall. Google really hit a homerun here. I just put in my email address and the xoom automatically downloaded all my installed apps on my android phone and customized things for me. Fantastic, I have my calendar my contacts etc.

6-the browser- another home run. No flash yet tabs are definitely the way to go. Also you can just hide the address bar and use the side commands. Definite win and probably what you'll be doing 90 pct of the tim on a tablet.

Hope this helped any of you thinking of getting one. I think i'll be selling my 4g version and re-buying the xoom when its 549 at sams club at the end of the month.

Overall I think this will be a good tablet with a few updates. Until then
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