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Originally Posted by droiduzr2 View Post
Perhaps I missed it posted above but
1. 2.2 is out for the LG EVE (official LG EVE 2.2)
2. 2. 1 is slow compared to 2.2, there is a big difference between the two for speed. Do not waste your time with 1.6 or 2.1.
3. LG has a few new phones coming out soon so I don't see why they would want to continue developing for an old unit.

Again 2.2 is out. I am using it and it works great. I have no complaints so far. Add Launcher Pro and you have an amazing device. Unlock the CPU to run at 710Mhz instead of 528Mhz and you now have a faster phone. The 710 speed can be set to on demand so it will only use the power as needed. Get into the secret menu and set your phone to GSM (if you do not have a data plan) and conserve your battery life even further.
how did you put the 2.2 on your lg, i tried using the lg updater software from the website, i let it run its course and it did nothing to my phone what so ever, even though on the lg site it says there is a update available for the lg gw620.
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