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Originally Posted by dhruba View Post
I have bought my Galaxy 551 5 days ago and till now I have found mainly one problem. The impossibly short battery life. It doesn't even last for a day of moderate use. And once I saw it stopped working during standby and there were two displays in the same display. One reset corrected that problem. Angry Birds is not always smooth in this phone. Thats all I can say till now.
What do you consider moderate use? Wifi and games drain my battery in under 24 hours but it lasts 2-3 days if wifi, bluetooth and gps are turned off and i dont play any games. (note: I rarely call/get called, battery life includes sending/receiving 10ish text messages a day)

Originally Posted by karandpr View Post
Music Player
Hold on the name of file
Menu:-Set as ringtone
Alternatively; if you have an SD card create a folder called "Ringtones" on the SD card and any mp3 you place in there shows up in the ringtone selection list.

Additionally; creating a folder called "Notifications" on the SD card will cause all mp3's is this folder to show up in the SMS/Email sound selection list.
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