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Originally Posted by gamefanatic View Post
Hate to burst everybody's bubble, but this app is crap so far and plays only a few roms...if this app is a work in progress at this point and only works for a few roms then this dev is being a complete d-bag by charging everybody $6, especially if we're all expected to do his job for him by giving feedback. He should have spent a few more weeks in development, but he got greedy knowing that other devs are possibly about to release a better version. HOWEVER, if yongzh gets his stuff together and gets most of the roms working WELL and in a TIMELY manner, then I will most likely support his further work. Yet if he lets this thing drag on and someone else releases a much better emulator (ex. FPse), then I will add him to the same list as that other dev...cough cough...
All of Yongzh's other emulators have evolved over time. Yongzh is beyond reproach in my book. That said, you are correct in that many ROMS don't work very well (if at all) at the moment. I think folks are more excited about the potential of N64oid rather than the reality. N64oid is definitely a work in progress.

Personally, I was hoping that Excitebike 64 would work, but it doesn't get beyond the Left Field Productions screen before the screen goes black. Disappointing? Sure. But I know Yongzh will work it out.

I think that if you feel like Yongzh is ripping you off by charging for his app, I think you should request a refund via email. Or if you have constructive criticism, then you can share it here or email Yongzh directly. Otherwise, you just come off like an ungrateful person (which I don't think is your intent).
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