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10-year BlackBerry user. I occasionally switch to whatever new hotness seduces me. Last one was the Palm Pre and WebOS. Lasted 3 or 4 weeks - just long enough to get my mail in rebate. Then I ran out (not walked - ran!) to buy another BlackBerry. I had ported from AT&T to Sprint to get the Palm Pre. I bought the 8330m, then a couple weeks later the Tour 9630. After 9 months with the Tour I upgraded to the Bold 9650. I'm still not convinced I'll stay with Android. I bought the Epic 4G thinking I just HAD to have a physical keyboard. Didn't like the keyboard on the Epic and decided to try an Evo. Love the Evo, don't miss the physical keyboard at all.

Android Pros:
Bigger Screen. 4.3" on the Evo vs. 2.8" on my BB Bold.
Multimedia features. Camera especially.
App selection.
Web browser. Always a weak spot for BlackBerry.

Android Cons
Battery life. BlackBerry has great runtime vs. either the Evo or Epic.
Email handling. BlackBerry still has no equal.

Messaging remains my #1 priority so BlackBerry might just win me back yet. I'm trying out some different email programs and some have come close to duplicating the BlackBerry experience. Still nothing out there for Android duplicates it.
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