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This mad rush to innovate and the tech industry battling for consumer dollars in what seems like a fairly PC saturated market is a two edged sword. Products life cycles are CRAZY short. Consumers vote with their wallets to keep manufacturers doing what they are doing. The Xoom is a device with a lot of potential. But it was shipped half baked, as many things are these days. What is worse, about the time they finally work out the bugs, the life cycle is over and no improvements follow. Or even worse the cycle ends with permanently unresolved bugs. Whatever the motivations WE are unwilling beta testers for Google, Verizon and Motorola. We have accepted this burden at a steep cost, which adds insult to injury. We get no acknowledgement from the vendors and are often treated badly for our trouble. I for one would like to suggest that the Xoom buying community demand a little something extra from Verizon. I feel that early adopters are entitled to compensation for this accommodation. The cost of the device will only drop, so we actually pay more to get less (anybody see the iPhone 3GS ads these days for $50?). I would like to see the cost of service reflect the reduced capabilities at least until the features are in place (Flash, 4G, more apps.. etc). I suggest we speak up. Either individually or in a petition. I'm not suggesting a class action but VZ certainly owes us something for our loyalty in light of the iPad2 impending release. I'm a fan of Google and Android but fair is fair.

--Your thoughts?
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