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Originally Posted by ndh777 View Post
To be honest...the screen on the Evo is almost invincible.

I have had the phone for months, since August 2010, and have NEVER put a screen protector on it. The screen is just as nice as it was first day. It does get a bit fingerprinty if you know what I mean, where all you will see is fingerprints over the screen, but after a quick rub down with your shirt and a few huffs from the looks aokay

That's my story for the screen though...others may have other stories. I do like my friend's Epic screen protector that he got at the know, one of those booths that offers to put a screen on it, simply because it won't slip out of your hands and it provides a bit more security from people who may look over shoulders haha not perfect...but better than nothing if you know what I mean?

As for a case...I got a simple rubber case that wraps around the phone. I have dropped my phone a few times on carpet, tile, concrete, and other places and not a single dent in the phone nor has the phone experience damage internally or whatever. I got mine from our local swap meet for less than $10. It was the very first accessory I bought for the phone as it just seemed so delicate in my hands.

Really...rooting sounds harder than it actually is. Honestly, here were my steps...

1. Visit
2. Download software for phone
3. Plug in phone when commanded
4. Wait (I walked away, watched tv, played games, etc.)
5. Came back 3 and a half hours later and BAM! was rooted I was as easy as that with unrEVOked. (Your root should NOT take you 3 and half hours though. My phone was one of a kind with this long as it took. Other people talk about it only taking 30 minutes or more or less.)

If you need any help with rooting...simply visit the "Evo 4G - All Things Root" and create a new thread. People here are nice and friendly and will NOT get on your case for being a newbie to this or for asking any question you ask. I have asked all sorts of dumb and illegal questions and moderators have kindly warned me and the worse I've ever gotten from anyone was a simple sarcastic remark that made me laugh hahaha.

If you need any other help, feel free to inbox me too. I'm not a pro, but I may be able to help with basic rooting needs such as flashing ROMs, rooting, etc. YouTube and Google are also great places to go if you would rather root manually or with unrEVOked software. Also check out my threads created by me as well as threads I have commented too...lots of great information to be found in both.
Wow, seriously on the screen? Cool. I really don't like the skins for the
screen, have one on my Pre and somtimes they get bubbles etc.

Ok, so I am gonna check out unrEVOked, sounds pretty easy I guess. Do you think I should wait a few weeks to root after I get my phone to make sure the phone works OK and is not going to give me any problems before
I root seeing that it voids the warranty and all?

Oh, and where do I find the software once I get my phone rooted for the free
wireless tether app? Will it be in the app catalog?

Thanks everyone of all the help, I am starting to feel at home here!!
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