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Originally Posted by Barthezzz View Post
What do you consider moderate use? Wifi and games drain my battery in under 24 hours but it lasts 2-3 days if wifi, bluetooth and gps are turned off and i dont play any games. (note: I rarely call/get called, battery life includes sending/receiving 10ish text messages a day)

Alternatively; if you have an SD card create a folder called "Ringtones" on the SD card and any mp3 you place in there shows up in the ringtone selection list.

Additionally; creating a folder called "Notifications" on the SD card will cause all mp3's is this folder to show up in the SMS/Email sound selection list.
Well yours is actual minimal usage.,Moderate usage include 6-8 call averaging 4 minutes,60-100 minutes of music,mild usage of wifi and GPRS ,some GPS thrown in,a round or two of angry birds or some game,.It barely lasts 16 hours .
Btw thanks for showing the second method.
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