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Originally Posted by marybee View Post
Wow, seriously on the screen? Cool. I really don't like the skins for the
screen, have one on my Pre and somtimes they get bubbles etc.

Ok, so I am gonna check out unrEVOked, sounds pretty easy I guess. Do you think I should wait a few weeks to root after I get my phone to make sure the phone works OK and is not going to give me any problems before
I root seeing that it voids the warranty and all?

Oh, and where do I find the software once I get my phone rooted for the free
wireless tether app? Will it be in the app catalog?

Thanks everyone of all the help, I am starting to feel at home here!!
Not a problem, hope you enjoy your stay

It depends on some people. Some people don't mind having an unrooted phone forever or just for a while, others, like me, love the challenge of unlocking their phone to its full potential immediately. I think it might be a good idea to wait only because you are new to Android. I had an Android phone before the Evo so I was already pretty comfortable. And while you wait on rooting, maybe you can search through some of the threads, and read some of the stuff at unrEVOked's website. Also read up on what rooting does exactly. It's pretty long to explain here in a short summary, but if you'd like, I can describe it as long as necessary. But you do make a good point...but from what I've seen...most issues with the phones that come from the factories can be seen almost immediately when turned on for the first time. Things such as the phone rebooting constantly, or the screen doesn't turn on, or something like that that would actually prevent you from being able to even root even if you wanted to. But that wouldn't be a bad idea...just take some time getting adjusted to the phone for a while then root. We're always here when you're ready to though or have any questions

Your warranty is only really voided if you let Sprint know that you have a rooted phone. So if you tell someone over the phone at Sprint or you go into a store and show them or tell them that you have a rooted phone, that's when you'll have a voided warranty. Once rooted, if you don't like the root or need to have it checked out, you can unroot it about as easy as it was to root. Truthfully, I have never unrooted my phone so I am speaking on what others told me about unrooting.

The wifi tether will be in the "app catalog" lol It'll be called "Market" when you get your phone. You simply will go into "Market", and search for "wifi tether" and there will probably be about 3-4 different wifi tethering apps. The first one will probably be a green wifi signal, and will just say "Wifi Tether"...that is the most basic tethering app that rooted Android users will use. I use one called "Barnacle" and it's the same stuff...just different name ahah.

Ah, okay, well that will be good for you Seeing as you hardly leave the house except for the store, you probably won't even need the case. Once you get the phone and hold it, you'll know if you want a case or not and if you want a screen protector. My friend's screen on his Epic was done very nicely with no bubbles. They did it at the booth in the mall for him and all he did was pay them...can't remember the price though.

But anyway, yeah. Hope I've helped in some way.
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