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I have been due to upgrade for over one and a half years now, and have wanted to get a smartphone. I upgraded once last summer for a weekend and got the XV6800. That was the single most laggy device I have ever encountered (not to mention I HATE Windows Mobile). I reverted back to my trusty LG VX8300 just two days later and decided to wait. When news leaked about the DROID, I was all over it because now finally on Verizon there was a phone I actually liked. But when I went to the store to play with it (as I did once, sometimes twice a week for a month) I left empty handed each time. I loved the speed and responsiveness of the DROID, the screen was beautiful, I was impressed by everything, except that when I played with the Eris, the HTC keyboard was phenomenal and put the stock Android keyboard to shame. If it was as snappy as the DROID, or had Android 2.0, I would have definitely pulled the trigger because I liked it THAT much more. I have since then been waiting because of all of the Passion/Bravo/Incredible rumors and now throw the N1 into the mix, how long must we wait?

All I am trying to say is that SenseUI/the HTC keyboard IMO makes THAT much of a difference.
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