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Originally Posted by golfbiz View Post
Tried to buy new ipad2 last night at Best Buy but the line was out the door and around the block, amazing, while I was in the store playing with one they announced that they had sold out. As much as I like my android phone, the ipad2 just seems so much smoother & user friendly than either the xoom and tab, the ligher feel, rounded corners, just a beautiful machine, ipad2 right now really has no competition in the tablet market. I asked a few in line if they thought about the xoom and they just laughed and said you aren't serious are to give props to Apple, their market and industrial design are both 2nd to none....I guess I will have to wait a few weeks till the hysteria blows over but they are now estimating that ipad2 will sell double what original ipad sold, also heard ipad3 will be shipping in sept with new processor...
I get so annoyed when ppl say how smooth the ipad is over android.. if android was just icons and wasent so customizable it would prolly be the I guess do you want your screen how you want it or how mr skinny wants it..I choose how I want it.
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