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Originally Posted by Ngo93 View Post
Thank you very much for the Light Flow app! I am currently using it right now and it works like a charm ^^
Tiny suggestion though if I may, will there be an update that lets us control how long the intervals are between the flashing of the trackball? Like setting it to 4 seconds in between or 7 and such.
Do you mean the flash speed? There's currently fast / slow and always on.

Slow is the default android uses, fast is the default for the app. Always on doesn't work on the nexus one.

Code wise I can set the length of time the light should be on and the amount it should be off, but with the nexus one it seems to pretty much ignore most of the settings.

If you do mean the flash speed, then I'll try have another play with it for some longer gaps. I was looking more for faster flashing than slower flashing, so longer pauses may be possible.
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