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Originally Posted by founder View Post
Since 1993, I have my notebook on the belt.

Here a photo from me 1994

At this time, I had 12V 6Ah lead acid battery and a car telephone with me. Cell phones had been at this time much more expensive.

1998 I had my first notebook with lithium batteries for 6 hours

To carry around the 2,5 kg lead acid battery for enough run time of the notebook was no longer necessary, I purchased my first cell phone.

But I found it still necessary to have my notebook always with me.

2009 was the next big step: the Android cell phone.

First task was a complete offline version of my web site. So I can show when I am underway somebody important pages while I discuss themes covered by my web site.

It has to be an offline version, because we have in Europe extreme penalties for using mobile Internet in other countries. 12,000.--EUR per GB.

This offline version

1,7 GB files
1,99 GB on the SD card, the mentioned 300 MB loose because of FAT32
17251 files
776 folders

15,1 MB files
36,1 MB on SD card
1086 files
237 folders

Some other applications, and it's about 25.000 files on my card.

What is at this applications extraordinary?

Because of the limited space, I did not copy my photos on the phone
Do you really show someone your mobile website on your phone all the time?

If it's that important carry an extra SD card for the mobile website when you need to, or carry a Netbook to show the website with much better screen display.
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