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Originally Posted by kennychaffin View Post
If you were a real photographer you'd use a real camera like a Canon 1ds mkiii and a real photo editor like Photoshop.
I'm not a real photographer. I was giving examples of how a real photographer like yourself could see the benefit with a so-called closed system despite it's technical spec disadvantage.

In fact the closed system with my example is better suited for a pro photographer like yourself.

Specs can go both ways.

Say you are on-location and want to quickly view RAW photos from your real Canon 1ds mkiii , you can do that with an iPad. You cant do that with the current open system. But your response is to use Photoshop and a real camera. I never said these device replaces any of those things. They only help and are tools.

You don't have to wait back to go to your office or fire up a laptop to view those images. I never said anything about editing and there is no disagreement about using Photoshop, Lightroom, or Capture One.

In fact, you can even use an ipad 2 as a light meter (there are apps that use the built in cam sensor), and a remote controller for your Canon 1ds. You can go on a 3 day photoshoot with your real camera and an iPad, etc..

See you can talk specs, I was giving examples of real tangible benefits for a pro-photographer like yourself. Sometimes a closed eco-system can give you real tangible workflow benefits. Unfortunately, by your response, you can easily dismiss them.
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