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Originally Posted by Bnice View Post
I know Frenzy wrote a nice write up on his view of the ipad2 and xoom but this is what bothers me. Apple add 3 features.
1 thinner
2 cameras
3 dual core processor
To me this is not much,just another means to milk the consumers of their money. I don't see how this make it superior.(imo)

I understand what you are saying, but to address your comment that it milks the consumers of thier money...well its true, but every company does that whenever they release a new product. If they sold the exact same ipad for more then yea, id say they are milking the consumers. Fact is that those are improvements...with the same price. I just can't say that they are milking consumers that much.

And like I said before, i was a HUUUUGE, and i mean HUGE skeptic of the "thinner lighter tablet" being that much better...but I have to admit, after playing with one, it really is nicer to hold than my Xoom.

Also Apple isnt the only company touting dual cores and cameras.
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