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Originally Posted by doogald View Post
That sounds like something that Tasker might be able to do. It's a very powerful app, though, like many things, with great power in an app comes a bit of learning to get through complex steps. Still, I could see Tasker being able to silence the ringer at a particular time and unsilence at another time (or set the default ringtone to a particular one that was just silence, if it cannot do that), and then have an event trigger that turns on the ringer when somebody in a particular contact group calls and then turns it back off it is between one time and another when the call is over. Not sure, but that sounds like a very Tasker thing.
I might try it out. I like options...

Originally Posted by doogald View Post
The Froyo/GB ROMs all have the ability to blacklist particular phone numbers, by the way, so they will not ring through. And the call log definitely shows unknown callers (is that the same thing as restricted numbers? you mean somebody who blocks their caller id?)
When I look thru my phone, I realize that the recent call list is where the restricted calls don't show up. (by restricted I mean calls with no number at all associated with them. My GF has her # unlisted/unidentified)
I guess what's happening is that I wake my phone, see that I have missed calls, and hit the "phone" button which brings up the recent call list. While a lot of the calls listed might be "unknown" (but still visible) numbers, any calls with no number associated don't show up at all. I realize now that they do show up in the "call history" though I wish I didn't have to think to check a second location to see that.

I'll have to figure out how to blacklist certain #'s. I know I can do it with spc but I always rather manage with less add-ons if possible.

Maybe I've just been too impatient with learning all the ins and outs of the phone. :-(
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