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Virgin Mobile shot us the SAME OLE CRAP when the Virgin Mobile MC760 Broadband2Go "unlimited" plan hit. so many people bought the device the network was so overloaded, webpages would fail, downloads were <256kbps. Eventually we ended up routing thru native SPRINT, thru a server in Kansas. (instead of Virgin Mobile, our domain said Sprint PCS).

Virgin Mobile doesn't plan new device rollouts very well. The OPTIMUS V has been a very popular device. No telling how many new accounts have been created, this creating a heavier demand on towers that are already oversaturated. they obviously didn't plan very well here.

I've had the same data drop issues, Its irritating as hell. i'm returning mine today, and getting the AT&T Inspire on my brothers family talk plan.
I liked this little phone, but Sprint obviously can't support it.

Originally Posted by lynx2cross View Post
Well I talked with someone in the VM escalations dept. today and he said they are aware of the problem, that it is not the phones but a problem on the network and Sprint has this issue as their number one priority to fix, he said it has to do with this version of android and their network not having the capacity to support all the new users because this phone is so popular. He told me that until a permanent fix is found that toggling the data connection on/off is all that can be done but he assured me that the problem is being worked on, blah blah blah. So I question the 50% bug if it really is a bug and if that really has anything to do with our phones losing data because ever since doing the little trick to get my percentage down to 0% I have lost signal more times today than I did when it was at 50%. And though I use to blame it on apps that tinkered with the data connection I'm not so sure because on the VM facebook page there are plenty of people who haven't installed those type of apps and they are having the same issues. And I have done two phone wipes to make sure there wasn't any leftover setting from a battery saving app I had installed and I'm still having problems.
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