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Virgin Mobile never admitted the earlier issues with the tremendous rollout of the mobile broadband device. At that time, they used what was called virtualization. You actually entered the tower to which you were connecting at on a SPRINT PCS network, but then, you were re-routed on an internal network to a server in Walnut creek, CA. This caused major issues and bottlenecks. You'd literally request a page, and wait 1-2 minutes for it to fetch, by that time, you're browser timed out. Next time you might get lucky and it would come in quickly. Many other times 3G would go to 1xrtt suddenly, and hang. you'd have to reboot the device to get it back working. Eventually after tons of complaints, they stopped this internal routing, and although VM traffic was routed to another server, it obviously had the capacity to handle the traffic. Shortly after that, they began throttling, and eventually they removed the "unlimited" data... then cut it to 5gb, and I believe broadband data is now capped at 2.5GB(this is on the broadband2go device)

Appears that the same issues with the Optimus V, since its a full 3G device itself, the same appears to be happening with the influx of new users on the Optimus (heck they're sold out everywhere, so you can see how many people are flocking to VM). And it is possible that this DATA DROP is some fluke in the Android system, and the fact that SPRINT hasn't got a fix in their towers/servers to deal with these devices.....

With the history of VM and their "unlimited" plans (whether it be broadband mobile or cell phones (with data), I eventually believe the same thing will happen with the Optimus. While calling minutes will probably remain the same, I see data being severely crippled, just as they did the MC760 internet device.......ESPECIALLY, now that people have discovered how to tether their device....

The MC760 people really got shafted when they ditched "unlimited" for I was on the plan, but got HSI cable before they changed. Thankfully, I sold my modem online before the transition.

$129 isn't a bad deal for a phone even for talking for $25 for 300 minutes.
Its the DATA issue that SPRINT needs to address (and not cripple in the near future).

Maybe a fix soon? who knows? in the mean time, you just gotta live with it, and toggle the "mobile data" on and off.

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I think the guy was telling me the truth, I can't imagine that any business would allow their huge customer base continue to be unhappy with the service. I told the guy that before I switched to this phone I had the blackberry and didn't have this problem and that's when he told me that its this particular phone and specifically android 2.2, he said the intercept which runs 2.1 doesn't seem to have this issue. He also mentioned that they are planning on releasing a new feature that allows the phone to be used as a hotspot, I didn't tell him that I and most other people have already figured out how to do that, lol.
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