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Originally Posted by Iyrss View Post
USB drivers, Wifi, firmware update Zenithink ZT-180

Hello ! I am new to this forum and hoping that there are others who have a Zenithink ZT-180 and can help or share their expertise with me.

I have been reading through this android forum for quite a while now as I have a android phone. I have just recently bought a android tablet. This is a great forum with a great amount of information.

My story is long so I will try to be as brief as possible.

I have a Zenithink Z-180 that I purchased from The wifi does not work on the tablet. At this time I am having some difficulty getting technical support from them as their USA website is down so I cannot use it. They have given me links to rar files on a Chinese website (that I of course cannot read, I need English) (I did not post those links to this site as was not sure if it was proper to do so in the forum or not )

They said that I need to download the update for firmware 1204, and update the firmware.

I did manage to get a file there called epad_0117.rar file (I do not know if it is Chinese or English).

But I do not have nor can I find any USB drivers. When I connect to my computer, my computer tells me I need USB drivers to use to flash the tablet. I have Vista Home 32 bit on my computer.

Do you know of anywhere that I could find and download the USB drivers to use to do the firmware update to 1204 on my Zenithink ZT-180? I have done searching on the internet but have not had very much luck.

My tablet is the Android 2.1, 256 mb and I am told the tablet has firmware 1030.

I am told that this firmware 1204 will get the wifi working. That has been my objective in all of this is to get the wifi working (as it does not) so I can use the tablet for the internet which is why I purchased it in the first place.

I really like the tablet, but it is not much good to me if I cannot use it as I planned to for the internet.

If anyone has any ideas or information your expertise is greatly appreciated. Under News Click on Software and download the 2 files. They have instructions on how to do the update and what you will need. Make sure you do not lose power or disrupt the installation.

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