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Originally Posted by pjenoy View Post
I am a CM Magnum HD owner

And i need to know if any of you fella's are experiencing the problems and bugs that i am currently facing
>Key's become unresponsive when the device becomes utterly hot
>The battery get's hot at first, but now the temperature of it is normal
>The 3 short cut menu keys in the menu disappears, but when restarted it turns back to normal
>The power key did not respond well, when you push on the power key it is supposed to show the turn off but i experienced this once, it only goes to standby, (standby is the 1 push only) therefore i had to remove the battery, so that i can turn off the phone, but after restarting it the problem was fixed, is this normal? have anyone of you experience this type of things?

>and lastly when calling, i am still a newbie regarding my phone,but when i am calling and had made a successful call it shows the call bar but after a second it disappears, and goes to standby mode, but the call still continues, my problem is that i cannot turn off the call, i had to say to the person that i am calling to turn the call off, how can i fix this? reply asap, i need you're assistance

Some of your observations above , ive started to see on other forums , here in Thailand , including dust getting under the screen and camera lens. There are comments that updating it to froyo 2.2.2 may sort out some of the problems.
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