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Originally Posted by cazman View Post
NOOOOOOOO how can they torture us like this! They bought the date down to get our hopes up just so they could crush us D:, ok maybe not that extreme but still, not impressed.

It's a cruel, cruel world cazman. I couldn't even be bothered to bitch the customer service guy. I'm just wearily resigned to waiting for another 9/10 days.

Trying to be "positive", It's a week or so extra the community at XDA Dev Forums have to trouble shoot.

Thinking about it, that's what LG might be doing (not with the UK delivery date. I reckon that was a cock-up) but with staggered release dates, maybe releasing it semi-early in one relatively small yet tech savvy region ie. the Netherlands and low countries. Letting the fanboy community crawl over it for a couple of weeks then rush out a quick bug fix update if needed?
It might even be related to the pilot LG "VIP Service" that's running in the Netherlands. Test driving LG's VIP service - xda-developers ?
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