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Default [Guide]ROOTING HTC android 2.2.1 or lower with unrEVOked - Windows (updated 20th December 2012)

WARNING: Rooting can be dangerous if you do not understand the concepts, risks and procedures involved.

Although we are often at hand to help, you will receive much better help if you have read the FAQ's and guides several times before undertaking the task of rooting. Not only will you understand the possible causes and fixes for issues you encounter, it will also help you to give US the information we need to help YOU!

This guide to rooting using unrEVOked for Windows is a companion guide to my Rooting FAQ and is compiled from other guides, my FAQ and the experience of myself and other AF members.

I take no credit for this work in it's entirety. I simply compiled this guide from sources and experiences.

I compiled this guide so my Rooting FAQ could always point to an up-to-date UnrEVOked rooting guide for the desire.


Disclaimer: Rooting your desire is done so at your own risk. Although this process is generally very safe, I cannot guarantee it to be risk free. Anything involving flashing to your phone's memory is not without risk and I take no responsibility if following this guide leads to trouble

Essential information

Current Android Software version

  • Settings>About phone. We need to check if your software version is the ARA build (2.xx.415.x) this is the Arab build. Note the 415. This is the identifier here. The x's could be any number, its not important

    If your phone is not from the Arab world, it is unlikely to have the Arab build on it. If you are unsure what the Arab world is, see here

Hboot version, PVT and Erase size.

  • Boot into Hboot (from off, hold volume down and press power)
  • Make a note of your Hboot version - Must be lower than 1.02 If not READ THIS
  • Make a note of your PVT version. If it is PVT4 you must now check if the erase size is 40,000
  • "Download Terminal emulator" from the market and open it.
  • Type "cat /proc/mtd" and press enter. It will return results of either 20,000 or 40,000


Prerequisite steps

  • Read the Rooting FAQ to understand what it is you are doing. Also ensure you read the FAQ for information on RUU's and goldcards and how they affect you.
  • Install HTC Sync
  • Remove HTC sync (application only) via Control panel (add remove programs / programs and features) - This should leave the drivers behind, which we need to keep.
  • uninstall any android explorer apps such as myphone explorer and disable AntiVirus (mainly AVG but maybe others)
  • Ensure if you have used a trick to force apps to SD card, you have undone this.
  • Install the Hboot drivers:

  1. Extract your hboot driver files somewhere you will remember.
  2. Boot into Hboot screen (from off, hold volume down and press power)
  3. Connect Desire to PC (the screen will then show "HBOOT USB")
  4. Right click "My computer" > Manage > Device Manager
  5. Expand "Other Devices" in the right-hand pain and locate "Android 1.0 device"
  6. Right click on Android 1.0 and click Update Driver Software
  7. Click on Browse my computer for driver software.
  8. Click on Browse and select the Android USB Driver folder you extracted earlier (press OK to any errors received and Close when complete)
  9. Check Android Bootloader Interface is listed under Android Phone in device manager.

***Please note, This Hboot driver only works correctly when the phone is in the Hboot screen. If the device is not at the hboot screen, the driver will not show correctly as essentially the device is not present.

The Rooting process
  • Boot the desire so it is running android normally. If USB is connected, disconnect it.
  • Enable USB debugging (Settings > Applications > Development)
  • Run UnrEVOked (double click reflash_package.exe) - Note, Windows 7 users with UAC (User Access Control) turned on, may need to right click > Run as administrator on reflash_package.exe to get it to run properly, or turn off UAC

*For Erase size 40,000 devices, please do this next section before connecting the desire:

  • In UnrEVOked, go to File > Custom recovery
  • Browse to your Amon-RA file (recovery-RA-desire-v2.0.1.img) and press "Open"
  • On the UnrEVOked main page, check the bottom line now says "Recovery image:custom" instead of "recovery image:ClockworkMod RFecovery"

Although the above MUST be done by 40,000 devices, 20,000 devices can do this if they want Amon-RA recovery instead of ClockworkMod recovery.

Now you are ready to let the phone go through the rooting process with UnrEVOked. The process is automatic, but I would recommend you watch the screen and the desire's screen carefully through this process.
[*] connect the usb

***DO NOT disconnect your phone from the USB during this process OR remove power from your desire unless advised to do so. This is very dangerous.***

If you receive any errors during rooting, please re-read the Rooting FAQ

Confirmation of success

  • Go to the app Drawer. If there is an icon called "superuser" Your ROM has root access
  • Turn off the Phone. Hold Volume down and press power. At the HBoot screen, highlight "recovery" using Volume buttons, and press power to select. If you are evntually faced with a Black screen with green menu items, you have a custom recovery.


For hboot 1.02 or higher, there is a joint project by the unrevoked and alpharev teams. It is very much in BETA phase at the moment so try this, as always - at your own risk.

Read Mattb81's guide linked here: S-OFF and root GB 2.3 with revolutionary

*** Please post here if you believe anything is missing or could be added to this guide. I will happily amend, update and add to this to ensure it is kept up-to-date

External sources: unrevokedwiki
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