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Originally Posted by rolex View Post

I would be interested to hear how your X6 is doing , any updates please
Hi some feedback from having used the Ideos X6 for nearly a month now...

No problems with mine regarding temps, i have a battery temperature widget and the hottest ive seen was 42 degrees c from memory. That temp was from running a speed display via GPS while cradled on my dashboard in the car during the day... and i live in a very hot place!

GPS lock for the first time didnt work, after rebooting this problem never came back and i use GPS every day.

No problem for me with dust under the screen or under the camera lens chassis?
No problems with the power key, its one short press for standby, one long press for power options.

@pjenoy ... are you using bluetooth when making the calls, that free bluetooth headset that came with the phone? haha.. because if you have it paired and connected the screen will always go into standby. Its a power saving feature. Its frustrating because sometimes i like to make numpad options whilst making a call, or sending a txt while on a call using bluetooth

@pjenoy can you do something for me...
*remove your phone from its case
*take any screen protectors off your phone
*un-pair from any bluetooth devices your paired with
*place the handset out in front of you
*Dial a number and press call..a free call number if possible
*move your finger slowly from right to left over the very top of the screen (the black glass above the display) while its ringing.

Does the screen turn off and come back on when your finger passes the right side at the top?

This is your proximity sensor, it should be turning off and back on again when your move your finger over it when making a call. If it doesnt remove all screen protectors and try again, if it doesnt still work download a proximity recalibrator app and recalibrate.

Also remember your unit could be faulty, when i was trying to find some X6 in stock in Manila some Cherry Mobile stores i visited had units out the back that where ready to be sent back to the service dept on Roxas Blvd. Two faulty units i saw where brand new, the only defect was the batteries. One wasn't holding charge and the other the battery leaked into the chassis ... so do the proximity test and if u fail find your receipt and walky on over to Roxas blvd.. they have comfy chairs i been there b4.
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