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Originally Posted by rolex View Post

Thanks for the comments and links.

As some one who has never owned a touch screen smatphone and is looking to buy the A99 , would not having the multitouch option of rotating some thing on screen really make a big difference , and I wonder if future froyo
updates will make the rotate available ?

Thanks - rolex
The A99 in your country for some reason was the cheapest X6 to be released, 11,000 Baht !!, and having no rotate multitouch (at this present time) is really something i think you could live with. You will be hard pressed to find a unit of the same caliber and screen size for the same Baht
If your concerned maybe have a play with a couple of similar spec'd models at your nearest store and try the rotate pinch. For me i dont rotate my maps anyway when searching as i like north to face up by default. And if i'm using it for Navigation in my car the screen will automatically rotate when needed so i dont need this pinch rotate multitouch anyway.

Not sure if an Froyo update would fix this, it might be hardware?

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