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Originally Posted by lou61166 View Post
It's not a question of bashing her for trying to help it was her statement of saying it was users fault,when clearly it is either LG or VM's fault.when you have a very bad experience with dropped 3g and having to restore it with user input the last thing you need is someone telling you it's your fault,as for a recall for a non fixable issue,that would be LG's lose not VM.
You are absolutely right, I agree that this is not a user created problem and I would have to say that Leslie Ann was wrong to accuse people of causing these issues. Let's just hope a fix is around the corner.

In the meantime, I have wiped my phone again after having several drops and so far so good. I have re-installed many of the applications I was using previously except for any battery saving applications, Quicksettings, and the Lookout security application. So far so good. I read somewhere that Lookout was causing some people to have connection issues so I'm going to test that theory and leave it off my phone and see how things go. If I can go a few days with no problems I will install Quicksettings and see how that goes, process of elimination seems to be the game if we are still assuming that a application is causing the phone not to automatically reconnect to 3G.
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