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Originally Posted by Thunderbionic View Post
Yep, I was being sarcastic.

More like a parody of all the complaints I've been seeing on this forum as well as others.

If someone thinks it's too big or heavy, don't even comment here, it's not for you. Go get the nexus s, Incredible or galaxy s phones. There's something for everyone. That's whats good about android.

Battery life is as expected. It's a trade off. If you want to have fast data speeds, you will have to manage your battery life intelligently. I've been able to get a day's worth of battery life on all of my Android phones in the past few years by managing it well.

I can even argue that the battery life is better than the iphone. Because you have the option of replacing the battery. If you are out on the road with your iphone without the charger and wall outlet, you are out of luck.

Who cares about dual core. Dual core trend won't last long. Might as well get this now and get a quad core phone next year and skip over the whole dual core thing.
I clearly haven't spent enough time to realize /s at the end of a post means sarcasim/sarcastic. Either way, nice post, now that I get it
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