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Originally Posted by wkdown View Post
My wife and I just got ourselves G1 phones from T-Mobile. While I have not had any issues with mine, I can't say the same for my wife. Her phone is acting CRAZY! At first, it seemed fine until she started getting the error messages saying:

"The process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."

At first it would only show every minute or two, but has gone to the point where the phone reboots itself every 30 seconds to a minute. I told her we need to take it in because this sounds like it's a hardware issue. Am I wrong? Is there a setting or issue I am unaware of?

Thanks in advance.

I believe that ( controls your music and camera but for either you need the sd card... I would check the SD card and make sure it is in correctly or try swapping it with the one from your phone temporarily and see if that fixes it (make sure the phones are off when you do the swap)... Any one else have any input on this??....
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